Please register by sending us an e-mai mentioning for which tango activity you would like to register, and the following dates:
- postal address
- telephone number
- birthday

Online form

You can also register through our online form. All tango activities of Puro Tango (Mariano & Cosima) are presented at this registration form. Click at the activity of you choice and fill in the form (note the scroll bar on the right side). If we offer various workshops in one place, fill in which workshops you wish to participate in the field 'opmerkingen'.


After your registration, you will receive a confirmation of your registration with invoice. The payment has to be made within 14 days after receipt. Payments for tangoholidays can be made in two terms.


Puro Tango is a small organisation, and cannot carry the risk of your cancellation. However, if necessary, you can give your place to another dancer or dance couple. In case of a cancelation by the organisation (Mariano y Cosima), you will get a full refund of the payment for the course.

Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

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