Professional Argentine Tango Dancers, Teachers and Organisers.
Combining traditional Argentine roots with expertise in healthy movements.
Teachers speak English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Contact: info@mariano-cosima.com

Puro Tango Tour

Uffelte NL Ladystyling 30 Aug - 1 Sep
Uffelte NL Leaders Workshop 31 Aug
Tegelen NL 14 - 15 September
Osnabrück DE 19 - 20 October
Terschelling NL 28 Okt - 1 Nov
Uffelte NL Piazzolla 22 - 24 Nov

De Koningsteen BE 11 - 13 April Easter
Texel NL 29 May - 1 Juni Pentecost
Uffelte NL 19 - 21 Juni Midsummer


Contact: info@mariano-cosima.com

We always work with limited amount of participants in order to guarantee high quality teaching and enough personal feedback for each student. Our website is always up to date. Sometimes a lot of registrations arrive at the same time, and the event is already fully booked, although it at our website it states "still places available".

place free = still places available
Almost Full = almost fully booked
Fully Booked = fully booked
Without Partner = register solo
with partner = register in couples








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